Choose hope, not fear

Pitch Black and his minions are closing in. The dark antagonist demands of the assembled troop of children, “Don’t you believe in the Bogey Man?” One of the boys lifts his chin and proclaims, “I believe in you, but I’m not afraid of you.”

Furious, Pitch charges at the kids, but when they stand their ground, they turn his black dust to magical golden sand. The Guardians and the children watch in wonder as the sparkling sand spreads hope all around them.

This children’s movie Rise of the Guardians reminded me of the importance of facing our fears with courage. We believe in the “bogey men” of adulthood — unemployment, cancer, loneliness, pain — but we don’t have to live in fear of them.

Fear can immobilize us. We can’t persevere if we are frozen. Like the children in Guardians, our hope and our joy have to be more potent than our fears. Then we will be transformed.


One thought on “Choose hope, not fear

  1. I looked up this phrase in the dark hours after the massacre of children and teachers in Connecticut. I found your blog. This phrase needs to become a universal mantra, we are inundated with shock and horror as the media sees this as a form of mind control, if we fear, we seek reassurance, which they provide in small doses. We cannot control madness, we can cope and we can hope. Thanks, I am glad there are people like you out there spreading the word. I hope I can convey this message to my grandchildren so that they too can see that fear weakens us, hope and independent thinking keep us free.

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