My list: Learners and questioners

I like to read motivational articles and leadership tips and advice. These writings from such sources as and give me new tips for managing employees and interns and expand my perspective on leadership and professionalism. Occasionally, such pieces also contain ideas that carry over into my personal life.

But I don’t expect to find insight into my love life in online business postings. Then I read an article today called “5 Types of People to Run Like Heck From.”

Under the heading “The Non-Learner,” writer Nilofer Merchant explained why she can’t stand people who profess to not need to read or do research because they already know enough.

Merchant observed that such people will fail because they don’t take in new information and don’t ask necessary questions. “Opening yourself up to new information lets you form better questions and learn what new questions still need to be asked,” Merchant wrote.

Reading these words, I thought of my husband. As a younger girl, I had made a list (yes, I am one of those people) of the traits I wanted in a partner. I judged the men I dated according to this list for many years, and most came up seriously lacking.

Then I met the man who would become my husband. I gradually came to realize that he possesses all of the traits on my list. Most significantly, he is constantly open to receiving new information and asking questions that lead him to more info and still more questions. This trait is what first attracted me to him and what keeps me interested in and drawn to him today.

My husband is not the only person like this. The late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of these people. One of his questions was, “How are we serving others?” and “How can we change the course of history?”

There are many of us who ask questions each day in our lives. Those of us who do so have recognized that we can learn something new every day, even in the most unexpected of places.


One thought on “My list: Learners and questioners

  1. I think another person that fits this image is you. Your words and actions, at home and in the community, are an inspiration. You’re a powerful writer and a beautiful person.

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