The Habits of Happy People, 7 of 8

piggyback laugh

It has been said that happiness depends less on what happens to us and more on how we view the past, enjoy the moment and create the future.

We now have the knowledge to be happy with the past, present and future of our lives by applying the skills we have just learned.

Happy people view the past with Gratitude and Forgiveness. That sounds something like: “My parents did the best that they could with what they had, and I appreciate their efforts.” OR “I didn’t get treated the way I wish I would have, but I always had a roof over my head and food on the table.” OR “Everything I went through, hard as it was, made me the person that I am today.”

And now that we are the people we are today, we choose to approach the present with Mindfulness. We notice what is going on around us, and we find something to enjoy about each new day.

Finally, happy people view the future with Optimism and Hope. We believe that we have a bright future, that we can get through, that we will be my best possible self and see cool things and do great things and have a good time.

This picture at the top of this blog captures all of those: past, present and future.
That dad above, he could be carrying bitterness about his past, or he could be just thankful that he got to where he is now with the help of all those who came before him. He is living in the present, enjoying his time with that little guy, the sights, sounds and smells going on around him. The laughter and happiness is visible on both of their faces. And he can hold hope about his future and the future of his little boy there.

That’s how that works.

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